The City of Beloit’s Parks and Recreation Division offers reservations for picnic shelters May 1st through September 30th. The bathrooms at all City of Beloit Parks are closed October through April for winter.

Reservations are not taken for picnic areas without a shelter as these areas are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Parks Shelter & Pavilion Rental Guide

Picnic Shelters:  Hilliard, Krueger, Big Hills Lower, Big Hills Upper, Midlawn, US Pride, Leeson, & Horace White Park Gazebo, (Resident) $50.00 Day | (Non-Resident) $65.00 Day
Leeson Park Pavilion (Resident) $130.00 Day | (Non-Resident) $140.00 Day
Jones & Harry C. Moore Pavilion (Resident) $150.00 Day | (Non-Resident) $160.00 Day
Telfer Park Pavilion – click here for fees and details
Parks Grounds Rental – $25.00 (Space for tent, chairs, ceremony, etc. in immediate area near the pavilion or shelter being rented).
Baseball/Softball Field – Rental $25.00 Day
Baseball/Softball Field – Preparation of the field is an additional $65.00 per Day



  • RESERVATION PROCESS:  All rental fees must be paid in person with full payment when making the reservation. Sorry, no holds! All reservations are on a first-come-first-served basis. Reservation permits are posted weekly on or near the shelters. Please respect the cleanliness of the shelter if you see a posted reservation by not using the shelter!
  • BEER PERMIT:  ONLY City of Beloit residents are able to obtain a beer permit at no cost at 2351 Springbrook Court between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. Valid and current Identification card is required showing proof of residency along with a 24 hour notice.
  • SPECIAL EVENT PERMITS:  Permits can be obtained from 2351 Springbrook Court when an organized group wants to sell, possess and/or consume beer in those parks designated by City Ordinance, have a public event, or special entertainment.
  • NOISE ORDINANCE:  Amplification devices are not permitted in any city park. Any use of the parks must not detract from the enjoyment by other park patrons.
  • PARK HOURS:  Dawn to 10 p.m. except for Big Hill Park, which closes at 9 p.m.
  • PARK GROUNDS RENTALS:  Shelter rentals are for the reservation of shelters and immediate grounds only. A park grounds fee of $25 is required for expanded use (such as chairs, tents, etc. on the lawn).  Set up of extra equipment adjacent to or near any shelter requires a Park Grounds Rental Fee.
  • DIGGING TO SECURE TENTS:  When digging for tents (except Riverside Park) Alliant Energy MUST be called to mark the utility pipes/lines. The City of Beloit is not responsible for any damage/broken lines/pipes. Call Digger’s Hotline at 800-242-8511 to put in a work order. Alliant Energy will mark where to dig; which is a FREE service – so please make sure this is done!  **Riverside Park digging is prohibited, use sandbag(s) or water barrels for securing tents. BOUNCE HOUSES ARE PROHIBITED IN ALL CITY PARKS.
  • ATHLETIC FIELD RESERVATIONS:  Shelter reservations do not include the use of athletic fields (ball diamonds and soccer fields). These are used on a first come-first served basis. All athletic field requests must be approved with the Recreation Supervisor by calling 608-364-5783.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY:  All cancellation requests must be made in person with a valid ID by the applicant; requests can also be made by email as long as the email address matches the email address on the application. Refunds are not given at our office. A check will be processed and mailed 2-3 weeks from the date a cancellation notification was made to the address on the application form. No refunds will be issued for inclement weather.
  • PARK SHELTER RENTER RESPONSIBILITIES:  Groups holding permits are required to leave picnic grounds in a clean and orderly condition. Any out of the ordinary work required by Parks and Grounds Division Personnel to clean the picnic area following use by a group will be billed to the person renting the facility on a cost basis. Please bring extra garbage bags for excess garbage.
  • NO DRIVING VEHICLES ON PARKS GROUNDS:  No party reserving a picnic shelter has the authority to drive into a park or up to a shelter to unload or load their picnic items (food, etc.). There will also be no parking of vehicles on grassy areas surrounding picnic shelters; especially at the Harry C. Moore Pavilion at Riverside Park.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY: Sky lanterns and helium balloons are banned from being used in City Parks. For alternative ideas, please see this website
  • GRILLING: When grilling in the City Parks, please dispose of coals properly in the bins provided. If there is no bin, please do not just dump in the park! Grills are not provided.
  • RESERVATION FORM:  Renters should have access to their Park Shelter Permit and Beer Permit (if applicable) at all times for proof of reservation.
  • PARK SHELTER ISSUE:  If you have a problem with the shelter, please call 608-364-2890.
  • Restrooms in City Parks: Open by May 1st and close by October.

    Facility Rental Fees:Big Hill Center  – click here for fees and details
    Krueger Pool Rental – click here for fees and details
    Rotary River Center – click here for fees and details

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