“Trail Tales” transforms the pages of a children’s storybook into signs placed sequentially along one of our walking trails through various parks.  “Trail Tales” will be moving to different walking paths throughout the City of Beloit. “Trail Tales” was created as a way for people of all ages to combine physical activity with books to help build children’s interest in reading while encouraging physical activity.  Through this experience we hope to encourage a lifelong love of reading and the great outdoors.

Krueger Park (Hackett St. & House St.): “How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends?” by Jane Yolen

Eagle Ridge Park (

Be sure to stay up to date with where “Trail Tales” will be next on our Facebook page and here on our website!

Thank You for participating in our Trail Tales Experience at Riverside Park!

Don’t forget to head to the Beloit Public Library to enjoy other great children’s books!







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